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Sunday, March 04, 2007



In exodus 2 a very important man in the bible is born- Moses

next in exodus 3 the Lord called out to Moses in a burning bush.. He called Moses to bring the children of Isreal out of Egypt.Moses then approached the Pharaoh and performed miracles..however time and time again the Pharaoh did not do as he promised which caused plagues to infect whole of Egypt.

This part of exodus showed that our Lord God is able to protect us no matter what and we should keep faith in him and keep our eyes upon him in whatever we do

The most amazing miracle done is probably the crossing of the Red Sea..its somewhat become a classic scene in biblical scenes.Pharaoh's foolishness led tot he death of his ppl.

In Exodus 16.. the Lord decided to rain bread from heaven(Manna) for the congregation.. imagine if we were at the scene.. we can see how real God is.. and these ppl even upon seeing God's greatness.. some of them still have complaints against him..its quite puzzling that the ppl are so demanding from someone so good to them.

Exodus 20 is probably the most important part of exodus, The Ten Commandments

after this part most of it are probably not that enlightening to me for it is about ceremonial laws which we do not have to follow after Jesus came down to die for us.I was thinking that everyword in the Bible is there for a reason.. but i cant help but ask why is the exact measurements listed and every minor detailed recorded down in several chapts of Exodus and Numbers..why such details are required for us..the measurements of the lampstands ark n garments for the priest just makes me think about its existence in the Bible

sadly to say i didnt gain that much from bible as from other books i read previously.. perhaps i have not read that in depth or something..

questions:how do u define work..( as in on a sabbath) how is spending money work, playing games work

why are there such minor n explicit details about the many things in the past which i see no importance in knowing

probably be posting Leviticus tmr.. hope this blog can be revived (:


Blogger Little Ms Happy said...

hmm.. i think its like this. the ceremonial laws are a visual explaination of the deep things of the plan of salvation. Every little detail is symbolic of something. it probably takes alot of time to study into it.

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