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Monday, January 08, 2007

GOSPEL OF JOHN - sheena's post.

haha i've finally finished reading today! but, i read the clearword :) gonna read kjv soon before embarking on genesis.

its a really nice book! had such a nice feeling when i finished the last few verses. anyway many things struck me while i was reading.

firstly, about the Holy Spirit. when Jesus carried out his ministry here on earth He taught the people many many things. but He said in chapter 14, when He dies the Holy Spirit will be the one who teaches us (14:26) instead. i thought that was pretty powerful. i was wondering how the Holy Spirit is gonna teach us. like you cant see it or feel it right. and i realised that it's through the prompting of the Holy Spirit that we will learn and grow, and through US as living christians the Holy Spirit can spread the gospel and reach out to other people. we are God's living instruments :)

other thing - in the book, it seemed to be very difficult for the Pharisees and many of the Jews to understand what Jesus was talking about because they kept thinking of things in the 'earthly' terms instead of spiritual. for eg, when Jesus talks about the Father, they get confused because they think about the earthly father instead of our Father in heaven. kinda shows that our focus is all on the wrong places sometimes. we shld be focussing on spiritual food that will grant us eternal life! its like what karen's post is about.. very apt!

okay, i know this is quite nitty gritty. and i thk i havent really gotten the whole gist of the book yet. i know the gist of it and what it tells us about God is that - God loves us so much that he sends His Son to die for us! (3:16) he seems to have a Plan B for this fallen nation.

but i will admit that i am unable to fully comprehend the magnitude of His love and the death of Jesus. and i guess i will find out when i read the whole bible :) hopefully at the end of this year i can describe it :)


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