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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An APPEAL to all bible bloggers

to all readers of this stagnant blog.. where are u at now on reading the bible?
we're supposed to be reading joshua by this week..
im quite certain most or even all of us are behind time so i encourage all of us to finish reading AT LEAST deuteronomy by 10 March.hopefully we can reach joshua by then..
i hope that we can revive this blog and not leave it to rot and die away..
maybe start a questions list which we can ask the more Bible-wise adults..
after i finish reading numbers.. hopefully by thursday.. i will re-read from exodus and start posting again..
to all.. maybe we can post where we're at now and reply whether u would like to make an effort to catch up to the "dateline" set.
thanks to all.. do not let satan distract us from God..
our good Lord will bless us (:


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