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Monday, January 22, 2007

genesis - the rainbow.

i must say i havent finished genesis!! yes it's a mighty long book. we're supposed to start on exodus this week right?


anyway, one thing that really striked me while reading genesis was the flood. and the RAINBOW.

I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of covenant between me and the earth. -Gen 9:13

the human race was so evil that God sent the waters from the heavens and the sea to destroy them. but the rainbow! i felt really wow-ed when i read those verses (Gen 9:8-17). God promised not to send a flood to earth again, and he creates the rainbow to as a token of the convenant which He established between Him and all flesh that is upon the earth. to show and perhaps, emphasise His promise to man. and we still see the rainbow up till this day, dont we?

many of us look at it as just some beautiful thing in the sky, representing God's promise.. but don't we see that it IS His promise, it doesnt simply represent it.. and the very fact that we can SEE the rainbow after the rain.. thousands of years later. it's like a piece of noah's time on this ageing earth. i just think it's great.. i dont really know how to put it in words. haha. we always say that we can't see, hear or feel God. but He's right there man.. He exists. the rainbow - His promise.

secular people will explain the formation of a rainbow through science.. the whole refraction thing. then there are those little experiments with the prisms. but why is it that no one (or at least i think so) has managed to re-create a rainbow in the sky? a huge lovely spectrum of colours. always reminding us that God is there.

sarawak people, rem the double rainbow we saw at kuching? God's presence :) watching over us.

i think i have blogged enough about rainbows hahaha.

will finish up the rest of genesis by this week i hope! (:


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