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Friday, January 05, 2007


This is the bleary eyed sick person who is came online for the first time in a week and a half and sees that - uh - she's totally out of touch. Nevertheless she will endeavour to produce something in the space of 5 minutes.
*finds a tissue*
John is one of my favourite books in the Bible. Heck, it IS my most favourite book in the Bible. I think that John is the portion of the Gospels that sheds light on Jesus's humanity and its relationship with Divinity. In the sense that even though He was God, He cared about the "little people", as such. Just everybody and anybody on the street.
It tells us that "God became man and dwelt among us". It tells us the God so loved the world that He sent us His only Son that we might live and not die. It tells us that there is no greater love than that He laid down His life for His friends. For isn't Jesus our friend?
Thorugh its pages it tells us of a God who listens when we cry out and heals those who come to Him.
It tells us that Christ was God, yet He was also man.
What an awesome God!


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