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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

exodus, the beginning parts :)

okay i've decided to re-read exodus from the start cos it was strange to keep starting and stopping.

one thing that really struck me while reading the beginning portions was about moses and his insecurities.

it's like what WE feel right? when God prompts us to do something, when the opportunity for witnessing arises.

3:11 "who am i? that i should go unto pharoah and that i should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?"
4:1 "they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice..."

dont we say the same things? :) but if we follow God, follow His promptings. do His work. we can be so close to Him. and bring people close to Him too. just like moses! such faith He had :) and it's the kind that i want too.


Friday, April 13, 2007


wow nice posts :) feeling happy reading them :)

i promise to blog after today.

exams end it FIVE HOURS (i cant wait!) and then it's a 4 month summer break for me to catch up on everything that i have to, esp bible-reading :)

take care all, and keep the posts coming!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lifes Trials & Difficulties..

Many times in our lives, we encounter stress, worries or we feel we can't live up to do certain leadership roles in church, we feel that we can't take up this or that position because we don't have the ability to do it.. Joshua also encountered this problems..
Lets look at Joshua 1.
God was talking to Joshua and telling him to be strong and courageous.. God didn't tell him only once, he told Joshua three times to be strong and courageos.. v6 v7 & v9..
Even the Isrealites told him that, v18..

Joshua faced the same problem as he was about to take over the leadership of Isreal, he felt that he didn't have such an ability to lead the people.. Why did he feel this way? He was appointed after Moses to lead Isreal into the promised land. Moses was one of the greatest, if not, the greatest prophet that arose out of Isreal. Duet 34:10 But Joshua was a follower of Moses since young, He even went up to Mount Sinai the first time with Moses to collect the ten commandments. And even when in the tabernacle when the Lord came in the cloud to talk with Moses, Joshua was there. Joshua was a faithful, God fearing man. And He was selected the next leader. God had to repeatedly encourage Joshua and told him not to be afraid for the Lord would be with him wherever he goes.

So Joshua put his trust in God, believing that the Almighty God was with him, only then could God do miracles thru him. Only then could God expand his abilities. God magnified Joshua in all the sight of Isreal, so that they feared him as they feared Moses, by drying up the river Jordan just as the Red sea was parted. Joshua became a great leader of Isreal.
Joshua, just as Moses, could see God and His powerful works and miracles. Today, we can only read about it. Many a times, we think that, wouldn't it be great if we were in those days, if we were there, we would be able to believe and fully trust in God. But Jesus said, "Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed". John 20:5 Today we are also blessed as we can read, in the dark ages, the early christians could not even own a bible. They would be persecuted for owning it. They could not even see the bible, yet they believed and trusted in God.

Let us be like Moses and Joshua, and the early christian church, always trusting in God, so that God can work miracles in our lives that others may know that God is with us, just as God was glorified thru the works of Moses and Joshua.
Phil 4:6-7 says that we should not care for other things, but putting every thing to God thru our prayers and thanksgiving, and let us make known our request to Him. This will keep our minds and hearts on Him and have the peace of God, to overcome whatever falls against us.

Many times too we have worries about our future, mainly monetary concerns. We worry what we will study to have a good job, or if we do not get a good job, what are we going to eat, wear, where we gonna stay.. All these things we worry about.. But we do not look at the One that can solve our problems.. O ye of little faith!
Jesus taught on the sermon on the mount in Matthew 6:28-34. The birds, they do not sow seeds and reap during the harvest, and God still feeds them. The lilies, they don't toil or spin, meaning they don't make clothes, but God clothe them so beautifully. The grass on the field which are going to be cut down, God even clothes them. So why do we worry so much about what we are going to eat or drink, wear or stay. Jesus followed by saying v33 Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.. God knows the things that we need and He will provide for us, but we have to seek Him first.. God provided for the Isrealites manna when they needed food. God provided the Isrealites from leading them out of Eygpt, thru the wilderness and even providing them a new city..

Lastly, we have to learn to have such faith in God, as in the last days, the end times, we will be tested on it. We have to have such faith in God that He will be able to work miracles in us, we have to have faith that He will lead us wherever we go. We have to have faith that He will provide for our needs. For in the last days, if we don't trust God to that extent, we will fall off.. We will face many trials and persecutions, even from our close friends / even our families.. But we have to hold strong to the truth that we have, and only by trusting God can we stand strong.. We have to learn to trust in Him, and it doesn't come over night, that's why we have to prepare now for the last days, prepare and in small things trusting in Him. So that in the last days, when greater trials and temptations that befall upon us and make us compromise on our beliefs, we can face it, and only by looking to Christ alone can we face it..

God bless..